Support the future of animal welfare, leave a gift in your will

The Animal Welfare Foundation was established from a legacy left to the British Veterinary Association (BVA) in 1983 and was set up as an independent charity to directly support the veterinary profession, promote best practice and drive improvements in animal welfare.

Before we came into being in 1983, animal welfare was not on the veterinary curriculum nor recognised as a topic worthy of research. We bridged this gap thanks to a generous legacy which enabled us to set up the Colleen McLeod Chair of Animal Welfare in Cambridge in 1986. Thus Donald Broom became the world’s first Professor of Animal Welfare, paving the way for many more animal welfare professors to follow in his footsteps – there are now approximately 40 animal welfare professors in the UK, and around 300 in the world.

Another impactful legacy was that of Norman Hayward, a farmer with a passion and belief that animal welfare is a vital right for every animal, especially for his stock. His legacy founded the Norman Hayward Fund, which funds research projects focussing on animal welfare issues in horses, cattle and sheep. Since the creation of the fund, we have invested over £1M into research projects covering these specific species.

Leaving a gift in your will to the Animal Welfare Foundation is a demonstration of your passion and long lasting commitment to animal welfare that will impact generations to come.

However big or small your legacy gift is, it will help us achieve our ultimate goal; animals having a life worth living.

Funeral and Memorial Service Donations

If animal welfare is something your loved one felt strongly about, we can help recognise their commitment after they’re gone.  You can donate to AWF in lieu of funeral flowers, which is a touching and kind gesture at such a difficult time.

AWF is always honoured and grateful to receive legacy gifts that will help us continue our vital animal welfare work.

Receipt of legacies and any enquiries about how to distribute these gifts should be directed to the team at or 020 7908 6334.