Make AWF your charity of the year!

Make AWF your Charity of the Year! Whether this is for one-year or more, or as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we’re here to support you in achieving your aims and objectives whilst inspiring and engaging your employees.  

Why choose the Animal Welfare Foundation?  

The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) is a science-led and knowledge-based charity which has been putting animal welfare at the heart of veterinary science and education for the past 40 years. Through funding scientific research and leading impactful debates and conversations at all levels, AWF identifies and tackles animal welfare issues, always pushing for higher standards in the UK. Our aim is to deepen understanding of animal welfare and inspire evidence-based actions so that all animals can enjoy a better life. 

Since 1983, we have:

Invested > 2.3M into research projects

Invested > 2.3M into research projects

which contributed to the knowledge and evidence base on numerous topical animal welfare issues and informed government policies and legislation 

Added animal welfare to the vet curriculum.

Added animal welfare to the vet curriculum.

We established the first chair in Animal Welfare in 1986 as well as lectureships on animal welfare at top UK universities making animal welfare an integral part of veterinary education. 

Encouraged conscientious debate.

Encouraged conscientious debate.

We held the first animal welfare conference in 1984, the forerunner of our annual Discussion Forum, a unique event entirely dedicated to animal welfare 

The United Kingdom has a long tradition of animal welfare, being the first country in the world to enact animal welfare legislation and although animal welfare has greatly improved since then, the need for animal welfare research, knowledge and education has never been greater.

AWF is a charity and thus, relies solely on donations from the public to fund its work and right now, we need your help to continue our mission of improving animal welfare through research, education and debate.

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