Call for submissions

Funding scientific research to find solutions to animal welfare issues is at the heart of AWF’s work and we are committed to ensuring that animal welfare remains high on the agenda.  

We are now offering funding to experienced researchers for short, desk-based research projects that can be safely carried out whilst social distancing measures are in place.  Scroll down for more information, or download the documents below. 

The deadline for applications is midnight, Sunday 12th July 2020.

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Priority welfare issues

Priority welfare issues

We would welcome applications for projects which fall within scope of our 2019 Delphi project, which developed an expert consensus on priority animal welfare issues in the UK.

The veterinary profession

The veterinary profession

We also welcome applications for research on welfare issues highlighted by the profession and / or whose results could support the veterinary profession in tackling the issue.

Project design

Project design

Projects that are able to deliver impact and have a strong knowledge exchange plan outlined will score highly. Projects should also be designed in accordance with good research practice to minimise sources of bias.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare

We are seeking applications for research on animal welfare; topics focussing solely on physical health, disease or ethics, for example, will not be funded. Please see the full call for submissions for more information on the definition of animal welfare.

AWF invites researchers to propose research projects that meet the following criteria:


  • The Delphi report has highlighted a common theme across all species groups related to euthanasia and particularly the impact that delaying euthanasia has on animal welfare.  Examples of projects on this issue that would be welcomed by the AWF Research Projects and Funding Committee include:

– Delayed euthanasia in livestock: a scoping exercise to assess the issue of delayed euthanasia in farm animals. Project description

– The validity, reliability and impact of quality of life assessment tools for companion animals. Project description

– Delayed euthanasia in dogs and cats. Project description

  • Welfare issues becoming evident during the COVID19 pandemic.

Application deadline:

12th July (midnight).  Please send your application form, accompanied by a 2 page CV to

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