AWF Research Fund

The AWF Research Fund was set up to fund research into a wide variety of species and project types.



In 2016 AWF launched its new student grant scheme. Through the scheme, AWF has expanded its funded research into new areas of welfare and species hitherto not covered by our work.

We invited applications from students of veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and agricultural studies. As with all AWF grants, it was important that projects were based on sound scientific principles and designed to have a practical and positive impact on raising animal welfare standards.

The following six projects were awarded funding and carried out in 2017. Click on the titles to read a summary of the research. Final reports will shortly be available on our Grants Awarded page.


As a small charity, AWF wishes to focus its limited research funds on areas where the welfare need is greatest and where there is a deficit of good science. To do so we need to be able to prioritise welfare issues relevant to the UK, which is why AWF decided to commission a Delphi project to uncover the UK’s top animal welfare priorities.

This will be hugely important in shaping the future of our grant giving.  We also hope that the results will help other organisations direct their efforts towards the most pressing welfare needs of our time.  The research began in October 2017 and will take a year to complete.

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