BCVA Congress 2019


AWF is excited to announce that we will be facilitating a debate at BCVA Congress to examine why lameness is still so prevalent, despite the availability of a large body of research and knowledge.
This Discussion Forum style session will follow a debate format presenting the motion "Despite extensive scientific knowledge, cattle vets are still failing lame cows".  After presentations from our two speakers, audience members will be invited to share their opinions and expertise to develop the discussion.  Our aim is to generate an open and honest discussion, which we hope will lead to new ideas on how the profession might reduce instances of this painful condition.
The session takes place on Friday 18th October from 2pm - 3.30pm in the Jersey Suite, Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

  • Dr Nick J. Bell, Director and founder of Herd Health (part of Bos International Ltd)
  • Sara Pedersen, Director of Farm Dynamics (currently completing a PhD in cattle foot trimming at University of Nottingham)