Welfare films for horse owners


Following the runaway success of our 2011 horse welfare series, AWF has launched a new series of films to educate owners on key health and welfare issues in horses. The films cover body condition scoring, teeth care, euthanasia and stereotypical behaviour.  Similar to AWF’s printed leaflets, these films provide vets with an extra resource to share with clients on subjects that they will be speaking to them about on a regular basis.
“Is your horse overweight?” addresses obesity, one of the top concerns amongst equine vets. Vet and AWF trustee, Ben Mayes, shows how to conduct body condition scoring and explains why an owner should regularly check their horse.
Owners see what happens at a typical dental assessment in “Teeth Care in horses” and equine vet, Neil Townsend, explains the most common dental problems in horses and their implications.
“Mental wellbeing of horses” describes how horses develop stereotypical behaviours such as box walking and crib biting to cope with stress. The film highlights how certain tools designed to stop the behaviours can be harmful and compromise welfare further. Instead, owners are encouraged to develop better management systems for their horses to prevent them from developing these behaviours.
Horses seldom die of natural causes so most owners will one day be faced with the difficult decision of having their horse put sleep. The film “Saying goodbye: euthanasia and your horse” helps prepare owners for euthanasia so that they know what to expect and the choices that they will have.
AWF is grateful to the Margaret Giffen Charitable Trust for funding the films and to Three Counties Equine Hospital for generously offering their premises as a film location.
You can watch and share the videos on our films page.