Spotlight on the Discussion Forum: Big Debate session


Join our morning debate session at the Discussion Forum as we ask "Is insurance compromising quality of life?"

Many clients now expect their pets to be treated to human healthcare standards and this puts pressure on veterinary practices and increasingly, where animals are insured, pet insurance providers.
In this session, we examine the effect that insurance has on animal welfare in relation to overtreatment and undertreatment, appropriate and timely referral and the many nuances of defensive medicine; and question the role of insurance providers and vets in maintaining good welfare. Quality of life should always be the top priority for owners, vets and insurance providers when treating animals, but it often gets buried under conflicting demands and opinions. Assessing quality of life is not a straightforward exercise, as it has to take into account the specifics of an individual animal’s unique situation over time.
This ambitious session will explore ways of objectively and effectively assessing quality of life and how such a measurement might be used to balance the needs of client, vet surgeon and insurer in favour of better animal welfare.
AWF is delighted to invite Angela Smith MP to chair the debate as we seek to discover how all parties might to work together with an agreed idea of what constitutes quality of life at the core of their decision making.
The Discussion Forum takes place in Westminster on Tuesday 12th June. Click here for more information and tickets
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