Q&A with Discussion Forum speaker Simon Wheeler


Simon Wheeler, CEO of Agria Pet Insurance is one of three speakers in our big debate session at the 2018 Discussion Forum.  He’ll be providing the insurance industry perspective as we ask "Is insurance compromising quality of life?"  We asked him to elaborate on the topic in our Q&A session.  
  1. Why have you agreed to speak at the AWF Discussion Forum?
The opportunity to continue the hugely positive and productive regional Agria veterinary sessions debating the role and sustainability of pet insurance.
  1. What are the key issues of your session topic?
  • How to continue offering affordable, quality pet insurance products that are valued by owners and facilitate vets returning sick or injured animals to good health and managing chronic problems…where it’s appropriate to do so.
  • The impact of ‘gold standard’ care for insured pets versus the right care.
  • What should and shouldn’t pet insurance cover – for example, corrective Brachycephalic procedures when birth complications are typically excluded.
  • The need for timely and appropriate referral.
  • Enabling clients to make informed and balanced decisions about pets’ health and welfare needs.
  • Remembering that euthanasia is a privilege and absolutely not a failure.
  1. And why is it important to the veterinary and animal welfare community?
It’s an opportunity to discuss and find ways of reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between a robust, sustainable insurance industry and an evolving veterinary sector which offers increasingly sophisticated animal health and welfare solutions.
  1. What are you hoping delegates will be able to take away from your session?
The importance for animal welfare that both the veterinary and insurance sectors ensure a balance is maintained when treating insured animals. Clarity around the pivotal role vets have in not just impacting on a client’s decision to insure their pet but also managing the client’s expectations of what insurance can and should deliver where the pet’s welfare is concerned.
Simon will be joined by Sarah Wolfensohn and Stuart Carmichael in what promises to be an exciting session, chaired by Angela Smith MP.
To find out more about the Big Debate session; “Is insurance compromising quality of life?” view the 2018 Discussion Forum programme.
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