Prioritising welfare issues


Research is underway to find the top welfare issues in managed animals in the UK. The research will be hugely important in shaping the future of AWF’s grant giving and will be freely available to other organisations.

The project is funded by AWF and is being led by Professor Cathy Dwyer, Director of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education.
The team will be using a modified Delphi procedure to create an overall ranking of welfare outcomes covering horses, cats, rabbits, exotics, wildlife, cattle, pigs, poultry, small ruminants, and dogs. Evaluation of issues will be made by considering the severity of the problem, the numbers affected by it and the duration of the suffering caused.
The Delphi method is based on the assumption that group opinion is more valid than individual opinion and relies on a group of experts participating in multiple rounds of surveys in an attempt to generate consensus.
The researchers will recruit a broad range of experts who work in all areas relating to managed animals, e.g. researchers, veterinarians, NGO/charity/private sector workers.
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