Links training extended to non-vets


The Links Group, which trains veterinary professionals to spot the signs of non accidental injury to animals, has created a free online course for human healthcare professionals. The course, Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes, is now available through Virtual College and is free to health professionals, police officers, teachers, education experts and those working in child protection services, children’s social care, adult social care and housing authorities. The course has been designed to help frontline staff understand the link between family abuse and animal abuse, and is aimed at all professionals who have a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable children, young people and adults at risk. Links Group officer, Vicki Betton says:
“This course uses our animal welfare expertise to help human healthcare colleagues to recognise potential concerns about pets in the homes they visit, even if the pet is not being directly harmed. By undertaking the course, human healthcare professionals will have a better understanding of animal wellbeing and will know where to seek advice if they suspect there is an issue.”
The Links Group is a multi-agency interest group that promotes the welfare and safety of vulnerable children, animals and adults so that they are free from violence and abuse.