International Day of Charity


On this International Day of Charity, we reflect on the role and impact AWF has on our society. How do we contribute to charity and charitable areas of society?

The Charities Act 2011 defines a charitable purpose, explicitly, as one that falls within 13 descriptions of purposes and is for the public benefit. AWF contributes to three of these purposes that shape and enrich our society: the advancement of education, the advancement of science and, of course, the advancement of animal welfare.


  • We helped secure a place for animal welfare in the veterinary curriculum. We established the 1st Chair in Animal Welfare in 1986 as well as lectureships on animal welfare at top UK Universities making animal welfare an integral part of veterinary education.
  • Now, we’re supporting the next generation of animal welfare advocates by funding student research and offering free student talks, empowering students to increase their knowledge, build experience and develop expertise in the field of animal welfare science.


  • Funding scientific research to find solutions to animal welfare issues has been at the heart of AWF’s work since our inception and we are committed to ensuring that animal welfare remains high on the agenda. Since 1983, we’ve invested £2.3 million into cross species research projects which contributed to the knowledge and evidence base on numerous topical animal welfare issues and informed government policies and legislation.

Animal Welfare

  • By leading impactful debates and conversations with the veterinary and animal welfare professions, we work hard to transform knowledge of animal welfare, challenge accepted practice and inspire action so that animals can enjoy a better life.
The Foundation's multifaceted approach to improving animal welfare standards in the UK not only adheres to the legal definition of a charity, but also embodies the essence of a society driven by compassion and guided by science.

How to support AWF?

As a small charity, we rely solely on donations to fund our work and you or your organisation can support us by:
  • Becoming a partner: AWF works with other charities to amplify our impact on animal welfare while also partnering with businesses to raise funds and support our work.
  • Charity of the year: you can make AWF your Charity of the Year and we will support fundraising, events and educational activities.
  • Fundraising: from baking and selling dog treats to running marathons, there’s something for everyone willing to raise funds in aid of AWF.
  • Donating: Setting up a regular donation online helps us tackle the animal welfare issues of today and tomorrow.
  • Legacies: leaving AWF a gift in your will is a powerful, long lasting way to support our work and be remembered as an animal welfare advocate.