Donation from the Goat Veterinary Society


AWF is grateful to the Goat Veterinary Society for a recent £100 donation.  The GVS pays an honorarium for articles received for publication in their journal, but contributors don’t always accept their honorariums.  In situations such as these, they like to make a donation in lieu to one of a small number of animal welfare charities which they have links with. This year it is the wish of the GVS officers that the donation should go to AWF.
The GVS Treasurer, Nick Clayton and the outgoing Chairman, David Harwood have both been trustees of the Animal Welfare Foundation.
Nick says, “I think it fair to say, once a trustee you are always a trustee in spirit, so it gives us particular pleasure to make this small gesture of support.”
It is thanks to donations such as these that our charity can continue its work in a wide variety of areas: funding scientific research to improve the health and welfare of animals, supporting veterinary education, providing guidance to animal owners and generating debate on key welfare issues.