BVNA 'This is Us 2020'


Calling vet nurses! We are thrilled to announce that AWF will be hosting a debate as part of BVNA’s ‘This is Us 2020’, a two-day online event dedicated to celebrating veterinary nursing. AWF has previously held animal welfare debates at BVNA Fringe and we welcome the opportunity to continue having these important discussions, but with a virtual twist.

The debate, which will take place on Saturday 10th October, will explore neutering of pre-pubertal dogs and the potential medical and behavioural consequences involved. Canine neutering is one of the most common elective procedures in practice, but controversy exists around when is best to neuter and whether to neuter at all in some cases. Age, breed and individual risks and benefits must be accurately weighed up and presented to the owner when making recommendations and veterinary nurses are best placed to have these discussions to help owners make an informed decision.

This is a timely topic which we hope will generate insightful and engaging discussion.

Our very knowledgeable speakers include:

  • Sarah Heath, founder and veterinary surgeon at Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice / Elizabeth Ayrton, veterinary surgeon at Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice
  • Caroline Allen, Chief Veterinary Officer at RSPCA

BVNA members can join the event for free. Non-BVNA members can sign up via The Webinar Vet. We hope to see you there!