A fundraiser's story


Adi Nell shared his experience of riding the London to Brighton Cycle to raise funds for AWF!

London to Brighton 2014 is all done. What a great ride!   I was up for my bacon and eggs at 4.30am, drove to Clapham for 6am and rolled out (with ears on!) as the start hooter went at 6.20am. It was cool and clear, with the sun rising over the gardens and fields as we left London and passed early morning runners and then sleepy sheep. Early catastrophe was my spares bag falling off from under my saddle! Luckily, one of the other cyclists spotted it and I was able to go back to retrieve it. By 7.40am we'd got to the lunch stop! The support crew were a bit startled to see us, but said that if we waited 10 minutes the water would be hot for tea. We filled our water bottles and pressed on. The group I'd started out with had been reduced to just three and, as far as we knew, we were the first on the road.   We got to the foot Ditchling Beacon around 9.15am. It is quite a climb! Not long, but properly steep, and we were passed by two other cyclists as we went up it. Bah! The youngest of our trio dropped back so it was just two of us left from the start. On we went and down the hill into Brighton, getting to the finish just 3h15m after setting off. My riding companion and I crossed the finish 3rd and 4th on the day. Then it was back on the train to London and home in time for lunch! Amazing. Note the ribbon from the medal on top of my lovely pastry…     Thank you to everyone who supported me to pass my £1,000 fundraising target. The day after my legs felt a bit stiff and my knees a bit sore, but it was a great experience and I was really happy to be able to do it for the Animal Welfare Foundation.  

And a big thank you from AWF for all your fundraising and pedalling efforts!