Prioritisation of animal welfare issues in the UK


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Principal investigator: Professor Cathy Dwyer, Director, Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education
As a small charity, AWF wishes to focus its research funds on areas where the welfare need is greatest and where there is a deficit of good science. The results of this research will help guide our future work and will be available for other organisations to consult.
The aim of this Delphi research project is to achieve a prioritised list of the agreed most important welfare issues affecting managed animals in the UK.
The study will use a Modified Delphi procedure involving four rounds. For some species where there is less information in the literature the researchers will firstly make use of a ‘Delphi Conference’ approach to develop a list of agreed welfare concerns for these species. The first two complete rounds (all species) will be conducted as a Classical Delphi (anonymised), followed by a modified procedure bringing together representatives from all species groups in the final round. This method will utilize the strengths and advantages of the Classical Delphi to obtain unbiased, species-specific ranking for animal welfare priorities, paired with the efficiency of the ‘Delphi conference’ approach to create new priority lists for those species where similar procedures have not been completed (goats, horses, cats, rabbits, wildlife). A modified procedure will then be used to create an overall ranking of welfare outcomes for managed animals in the UK.