Student Zone

Welcome to the Student Zone, where you will find carefully crafted resources and guidance to prepare you for your future life as veterinary professionals, putting animal welfare at the centre of your practice.

Here you will be able to:

  • Learn more about animal welfare, by hosting one of our free, extra-curricular animal welfare talks given by experienced vets or animal welfare professionals.
  • Learn about animal welfare by attending our annual Discussion Forum, a platform to pertinent welfare issues facing the UK today. Student discounts available.
  • Experience research by applying for an AWF student grant. Our student grants support students to develop research skills in the field of animal welfare. AWF has funded student projects on issues including piglet welfare, lameness in dairy cattle, reasons why people adopt dogs from overseas, skin wounds in donkeys and more!
  • Read and download our “What would you do?” case studies which suggest approaches to veterinary welfare dilemmas. Each case is based on a real-life scenario.
  • Watch previous Discussion Forum sessions for free and receive your EMS certificate.

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    Extreme conformation refers to breeding practices that result in exaggerated physical traits in animals, often at the expense of their health and welfare. … Nearly 40% of veterinary professionals in […]
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      … Although not a student anymore, Victoria McCulloch benefited from the AWF Student Grant Scheme back in 2017 when she was studying veterinary medicine at the University of Edinburgh. […]
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    Our 2024 Student Grant Scheme, which aims to give students in veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing, animal welfare studies, agricultural sciences, zoology or social sciences the opportunity to develop their research […]
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    On Thursday 19th October, AWF hosted a though-provoking debate on calf welfare at BCVA Congress as part of a new initiative, the “BCVA Forum”. Despite notable progress in calf welfare, […]
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    Dr Siobhan Abeyesinghe is Associate Professor in Animal Behaviour & Welfare Science at the Royal Veterinary College and heads up the RVC Animal Welfare Science & Ethics team. Siobahn’s AWF […]
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    Professor Andrea Doeschl Wilson is a research group leader at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. Andrea and her team’s research investigates how the genetics of farm animals affects infectious disease […]