The AWF Discussion Forum

AWF Discussion ForumThe AWF Discussion Forum is an annual event that brings together expert speakers, veterinary and animal welfare professionals, students and parliamentarians to confront current welfare issues and inspire change.  It offers great networking opportunities that continue into the evening.

This flagship event has raised the profile of many serious animal welfare issues and has helped influence policy decisions, leading to changes in the regulations and laws governing the welfare of animals.

The programme is carefully designed to appeal to a wide range of delegates who are encouraged to engage fully in the discussions which form an integral part of each session.

  1. “The AWF Discussion Forum just gets better year on year. It's highly valued by all, not only for the discussion, but the conversations that take place in the margins.”

    John Blackwell, Veterinary Surgeon
  2. “From a student perspective it was interesting to see the views and proposals people had on choices that would potentially alter our future careers.”

    2017 student delegate
  3. “"Always one of the highest quality events of the year." ”

    2016 Delegate

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