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The big debates

Exotic animals in captivity: can we meet their welfare needs?

  • Tariq Abou-Zahr, Great Western Exotics, Swindon
  • Romain Pizzi, Veterinary Surgeon and Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
  • Dr Chris Draper, Head of Animal Welfare & Captivity, Born Free Foundation
  • Mark Jones, Head of Policy, Born Free Foundation
  • Chaired by Nick Powell, Sports Editor, Sky News

UK farming: is welfare good enough?

  • David Main, Professor of Production Animal Health and Welfare, Royal Agricultural University
  • Jim Reynolds, Professor of Large Animal Medicine and Welfare at Western University, CA
  • Chaired by Amanda Boag, President, RCVS

Sponsored by Vet Partners

Q&A session

Clinical excellence or over-treatment? 

  • Dr Polly Taylor, European Veterinary Specialist in Anaesthesia and Analgesia
  • Dr Angela Halley, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, The Royal Marsden

AWF Research updates

The top welfare priorities of managed animals in the UK

  • Prof Cathy Dwyer, Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

The Impact of liver fluke on the welfare of horses

  • Dr Diana Williams, University of Liverpool

Risk factors associated with feline pruritus (PUE) unrelated to ectoparasites

  • Dr Aiden Foster, University of Bristol


Thank you to our Sponsors

We wouldn’t be able to run this event without the help from our sponsors. We’re really grateful to the following organisations for their support and dedication to improving animal welfare.

VetPartners: Farm Debate Session Sponsor

VetPartners: Farm Debate Session Sponsor

VetPartners is made up of some of the UK’s most respected and trusted small animal, equine, mixed and farm practices. Over the last 12 months, the group has diversified and now owns a research dairy, veterinary nursing school, laboratory and locum agency. The VetPartners farm vet practices cover 20% of all UK farm animals, 30% of dairy herds and over 45% of the pig population and their focus is on providing an excellent service to farmers and enhancing the health, welfare and productivity of UK livestock.

Ceva Animal Health

Ceva Animal Health

Ceva Animal Health is a global animal health company with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. The company mantra is together beyond animal health which recognises the importance of animal health and welfare, the human animal bond as well as the zoonotic diseases that can occur. Ceva works closely with a number of global organisations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Veterinary Association. In the UK Ceva has been sponsoring the UK animal welfare awards since 2012 which showcase, reward and celebrate outstanding contributions in the field of animal welfare.

The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet are leaders in providing vets with veterinary CPD. Thanks to The Webinar Vet all our sessions will be filmed and available for public access ensuring our work on animal welfare spreads as wide as possible.

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