Session 4: The minds of insects and why they matter

The global Insects as Food and Feed (IAFF) industry currently farms over a trillion individual insects a year and is growing rapidly. However, there is a lack of policy and regulation over the use of insects in food farming as well as a gap in knowledge and understanding of insects’ welfare needs.

This session aims to explore current knowledge on insect sentience and what is at stake in insect farming, helping veterinary and animal welfare professionals understand their role in protecting the welfare of insects used in food production. Our sector can positively impact the quality of production, regulatory compliance, public perception and the overall success of insect farming as a viable source of food.

This session is sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill's Pet Nutrition

Whether it’s pets, the people who care for them, or the planet we share together, Hill’s has a long history of using science to transform lives. As our company has grown, so has our commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact in everything we do. This includes all aspects of our business, from ingredient sourcing, to production procedures, and inside our offices.

Our passion for sustainability and animal welfare includes exploring alternative protein sources like insects and cultured meat in partnership with Bond Pet Foods, and our animal welfare policies for clinical research and farmed animals. We will source 100% cage-free egg and egg products for dry and wet products by the end of 2024 from our European-based suppliers, which cover most of our European products. We will ask all of our European-based suppliers to meet all of the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment by no later than 2026.