Advancing knowledge on animal welfare

Whether you’re a vet, vet nurse, student or just passionate about animal welfare, you can delve into past Discussion Forum sessions to feel inspired and empowered to make a difference for animal welfare today.

Explore the breadth and depth of the topics discussed on our Youtube Channel. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the event, listen to thought-provoking discussions and learn from experts in the field of animal welfare.

We have compiled a list of our most popular sessions from previous Discussion Forums by species and topics, including an overview and some questions to consider whilst watching them. Watching Discussion Forum sessions online not only counts as CPD but provides an opportunity for members of the veterinary and animal welfare professions to continue engaging with pressing animal welfare issues. When watching these sessions, we recommend that you use our reflective learning guide to maximise these learning opportunities.


To our student audience, please be aware that our Discussion Forum videos are being accepted towards EMS at some universities – check with your EMS co-ordinator to confirm. Once you’ve watched a session, you can download your EMS certificate here.

You can watch all previous Discussion Forum videos on our Youtube channel here: