We encourage conscientious debate and provide a platform for conversations on animal welfare issues

The AWF Discussion Forum

The AWF Discussion Forum is an annual event that brings together expert speakers, veterinary and animal welfare professionals, students and parliamentarians to confront current welfare issues and inspire change.

We held the first animal welfare conference for the veterinary profession in 1984 in London, entitled “Priorities in animal welfare” and introduced by David Bellamy. This was the forerunner of our yearly flagship event, the AWF Discussion Forum, a unique event entirely dedicated to animal welfare, providing a platform for the veterinary and animal welfare community to discuss and debate topical, cross species animal welfare issues. The event has been the springboard for engaging the veterinary profession with contentious issues, such as overtreatment, welfare in equine sport and understanding the link between domestic abuse and animal abuse, as well as influencing policy on animal welfare.

The programme is carefully designed to appeal to a wide range of delegates who are encouraged to engage fully in the discussions which form an integral part of each session. The day is CPD accredited and offers great networking opportunities.


  1. “The AWF Discussion Forum just gets better year on year. It's highly valued by all, not only for the discussion, but the conversations that take place in the margins.”

    John Blackwell, Veterinary Surgeon
  2. “I was most impressed by the way all views were welcomed to the debate and the need to find common ground to make progress.”

    2023 student delegate
  3. “It's bar far the best event I attend, both for quality of content and networking.”

    2023 delegate

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