The 2018 AWF Discussion Forum


The 2018 AWF Discussion Forum took place in the heart of Westminster on Tuesday 12th June.  This unique event gave delegates an opportunity to learn from experts, share ideas and enjoy the company of influential and respected members of the veterinary profession and the field of animal welfare.

Missed the event? Watch the talks for free on our Youtube channel.

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House of Commons Reception

The post-Forum House of Commons reception (7-9pm) is a joint event with the British Veterinary Association. Members of Parliament and other invited guests join Forum delegates to continue discussions from the day.

 We are incredibly grateful to our House of Commons reception Sponsor SimplyHealth Professionals.

Simplyhealth Professionals work with veterinary practices and their clients to improve pet heath, compliance and client loyalty. We provide vets with their own monthly payment plans for preventative care, supporting them with many unique and comprehensive services that are tailored to each practice. Our key focus is to support veterinary practices in educating their clients through increased engagement resulting in healthier pets and more responsible pet ownership. Our Pet Health Plans offer the ability for pet owners to budget for their preventative needs along with securing the practice a regular income to build and secure their future.

Thank you to our Forum Sponsors

We wouldn’t be able to run this even without the support of our Forum and reception sponsors. We’re really grateful to the following organisations for their continued support and dedication to improving animal welfare.



Agria has been insuring pets since 1890 and is one of the world's largest animal insurers offering lifetime pet health solutions. We promote the health and welfare of animals and work with vets, breeders and rehoming organisations as well as many animal welfare associations, helping to make a positive difference to pets and their owners.



NewMetrica develops robust instruments to measure animal pain and health – related quality of life using best practice in human healthcare measurement. A novel approach lays the foundation for a shift in veterinary care and animal welfare more generally from the avoidance of poor quality of life to the attainment of good or excellent quality of life.

The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet are leaders in providing vets with veterinary CPD. Thanks to them all our sessions will be filmed and available for public access ensuring our work on animal welfare spreads as wide as possible.

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