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through funding innovative research, supporting educational initiatives and encouraging conscientious debate. 

The Animal Welfare Foundation is the charitable arm of the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

We work closely with veterinary and animal welfare professionals to achieve our vision of animals having a better life through improved welfare.

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  1. Breeding for better welfare: enabling human behaviour that leads to animals experiencing a better life

    AWF is delighted to announce the funding of two research projects under the topic: “Breeding for better welfare: enabling human behaviour that leads to animals experiencing a better life” considering […]
  2. Meet our student researchers: Jillian Gordon

    In 2018, Jillian Gordon, then a student at the University of Edinburgh, was awarded an AWF student grant. She chose to focus her project on the “relationship between grimace expressions […]
  3. Meet our student researchers: Laura Simons

    … Laura Simons is a third-year student in Veterinary Sciences at Bristol Veterinary School. Laura chose to focus her AWF-funded research project on veterinary professionals’ confidence and capability to identify […]
  4. Meet the speaker: Meghan Barrett

    … Meghan Barrett is assistant Professor of Biology at Indiana University Indianapolis & Director at the Insect Welfare Research Society. She researches insect neurobiology, thermal adaptations, and the welfare of […]
  5. Meet the speaker: Jo Hockenhull

    … Jo Hockenhull is an animal welfare researcher with a particular focus on the influence of human perceptions and attitudes on decision-making and welfare. She currently is Head of Research […]
  6. April is National Pet Month!

    As we celebrate #NationalPetMonth, AWF’s team shares facts about their beloved furry (and sometimes feathery!) companions, as well as some welfare advice. You will find below some key facts and […]
  7. Health and welfare over looks

    Extreme conformation refers to breeding practices that result in exaggerated physical traits in animals, often at the expense of their health and welfare. … Nearly 40% of veterinary professionals in […]
  8. AWF presents at BVA Council

    … This morning at BVA Council, AWF Chair of Trustees Julian Kupfer presented one of the most innovative and significant research projects funded by AWF. The research project, called “Pandemic […]
  9. 3 common mistakes when applying to an AWF student grant

    Since launching the Student Grant Scheme in 2016, AWF has invested over £75,000 in student research projects, from exploring imported rescue dogs’ health and behaviour issues to investigating the impact […]
  10. Meet our student researchers: Victoria McCulloch

      … Although not a student anymore, Victoria McCulloch benefited from the AWF Student Grant Scheme back in 2017 when she was studying veterinary medicine at the University of Edinburgh. […]