Student Grant Scheme

Are you keen to learn more about animal welfare and develop your research skills? Do you have an idea for a short research project that could have a practical impact on animal welfare? 

The 2023 student grant scheme is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

A veterinary medicine degree can lead you to a wide range of career paths, from practice to academia, government, and research. AWF can help with the latter, if you’re a student interested in developing your research skills! Every year, we offer funding for small sized projects by UK students, of up to 6 weeks duration, that will help us deepen understanding of animal welfare and inspire evidence-based actions for all animals to enjoy a better life.


Who can apply?

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to undergraduates studying veterinary and animal welfare degrees, but students from other disciplines are also welcome to apply if their project is within scope.

Scope of research project

Scope of research project

We will fund projects on animal welfare topics that are relevant to the veterinary profession and help develop your skills as a researcher.

What will the grant cover?

What will the grant cover?

The grants are for intra or extra-curricular projects. We will cover the costs of the project but not overhead costs. Students can claim a stipend for extra-curricular projects.

How do I apply?

How do I apply?

Please make sure that you can fulfil all the grant requirements before applying. You can find our application guidelines and terms & conditions in the documents below. Send your application to

More resources

Check out our resources below, from our FAQs to examples of previous AWF funded student research:


PAST AWARDED STUDENT GRANTS (To see past awarded student grants only, please filter by “Area of Study” and then “Student Research”)




Greater weighting will be given to projects which help develop the student’s understanding of research and animal welfare – Read our definition of animal welfare

We are looking for projects on current animal welfare issues, particularly those that are likely to be relevant to the veterinary profession.  It may be helpful to read the results of our Delphi research project on animal welfare priority issues of managed animals in the UK, as well as the BVA’s priority animal welfare problems.

Applications with a convincing and coherent intent and sound methodology are more likely to be successful. We will also be looking for clear and achievable plans for dissemination of the project’s results.

A full list of grant requirements can be found on pages 1 and 2 of the Application Form.

Ready to apply?

Please review our guidelines and check our Terms and Conditions before making your application, and good luck !

AWF Terms and Conditions

AWF Guidelines to apply for a student grant

Supervisor role description


You will be able to download the application form after filling in your details below:

  1. “I feel proud of my research and what this project represents - support for the younger generations to make a difference with research.”

    Abigail Liston, University of Surrey, 'Welfare study using the AWAG to Measure Quality of Life of Breeding macaques'
  2. “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience undertaking this project. Not only did I gain so much valuable experience and skills from this project, but I have discovered a passion for research. ”

    Victoria McCulloch, University of Edinburgh, 'Public perception and poultry production'.
  3. “This project has been an invaluable experience which has improved many of my previous skills and taught me new life skills which will benefit me greatly in my future veterinary career. ”

    Mollie Rudd, University of Liverpool, 'Understanding the role of hormones associated with parturition in the development of lameness in dairy cattle'.

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